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Cloud based mobile reporting and data collection system
to streamline in field business processes

Geo Attendance

Bizzypulse Empowers the field workforce to mark their attendance from any location.

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Measure Distance

Bizzypulse can be used to capture Distance travelled by on-field staff in order to monitor work efficiency and accurately reimburse travel expenses

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Daily Activity Report

Bizzypulse allows entry of field activities to its users and provide this data to central office in real time.

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App based data, photo, Survey collection

SMART Bizzypulse app to collect data on the move. Do away with paper base data collection system.

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Track & Territory Management

Manage and monitor GEO location centric field work via Bizzypulse app.

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Van Sales Automation

Efficient Van sales management through Bizzypulse. Manage end-to-end activities from warehouse to customer delivery.

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App based Order and Payment collection

Convenient and elegant mobile interface to place order and make payment collect while on field.

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Sales CRM

BizzypulseCrm can capture, record, track & monitor all customer related activities and information.

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