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Consumables Manufacturing Industry

Most of the consumables manufacturing industries like Paints, pipes, moulded furnitures etc. maintain PAN India presence with a strong network of Dealers. They have a big workforce of sales professional that remains in contact with all who have the capacity of influencing market forces that includes not only dealers but also Architects, Builders, decorators and others. It is not possible for sales persons to keep huge database of contacts on papers. On field activities do not always align properly with business goals and set targets. 'Connectivity' to remote staff remains an issue with no mechanism in place for clear visibility to their daily activities. Field expenses remain unjustifiably high. Sharing of DSR via Whatapp or email has its set of problems like reporting insistencies, ambiguity and delays. Industries conduct regular workshops for marketing prospects. Appreciable amount of funds gets consumed in such workshops. For management, it is always difficult to weed out bogus expenses from genuine utilization of funds.

Bizzypulse App deployment over the mobile device of on-field sales persons turns up the positive change. Not only does it provide geo-authentic data of field activities, it actually helps in maintaining connectivity with field workforce. Customer database is provided through the app itself. Sales team can record its daily activities through app which constitutes the auto reporting of daily DSR allowing person to remain focus on core activities. Authentic inputs are provided by field staff over Bizzypulse and this data in real time reaches to management enabling them for better planning or taking in-time corrective actions. More realistic inputs are received from business promotional workshops and marketing funds can be justified through results achieved in form of upward sales figures and bigger Brand value.

Specialized Manufacturing and Service Industry

Industries under this category utilise sales lead management techniques for healthy Sales funnel. Collecting sales lead data through paper sheets is cumbersome and inelegant. Sorting and recompiling papers to generate classified data for further actions is always time consuming, error prone and considered wasteful in digital age. Once sales are achieved, the after sales installation and services become vital to maintain Brand name. Companies look for digital solution to-

  1. Showcase product or services range through mobility devices that look authentic and professional
  2. Capture sales lead along with contacts and other vital information.
  3. Have faster, accurate and professional mechanism to record client requirements that is converted out of matured lead
  4. Have real time visibility to on-field activities
  5. Have faster deployment of installation team for better customer service
  6. Optimally engage of service engineers for unparallel customer satisfaction
  7. Respond quickly, in case a company is providing emergency help services
  8. Integrate its internal departments and/or ERP with mobility solution

Bizzypulse comes equipped with all above features. It is robust yet simplistic and inexpensive mobility App in its segment. Bizzypulse can be further customised as per client's needs. Sales team can capture sales leads and enter Customer Acquisition forms via mobile app. This data is readily available to prepare payment collection advice and subsequently mobilise of inventory for quick installation. Interconnection of various departments and existing ERP turns operations virtually paperless. Installation and service engineers are informed in time with clear and necessary inputs about client site requirements. On field staff can be viewed to ensure their engagement in business activities for increased productivity.

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